This next generation messaging app offers much more than just talking and chatting! Vodi truly believes in the power of sharing and generosity, and gives you, the user something fabulous back!

By giving back, we mean that you could potentially get $10-$20 USD worth of V-Coins (Vodi Cash) every month from self-purchases or from purchases made by your friends in your Vodi network. That’s free money, ready to use on Vodi from just doing what you would do every month regardless. You can use those V-Coins to purchase more Vodi products and services! How exciting is that?

Vodi offers you convenient services like sending instant eGift Cards within the U.S.and to Mexico (more countries coming soon). You can recharge a prepaid mobile phone on Vodi easier and faster for you or friends and family worldwide. Also, start making all of your international calls with the best rates and exceptional quality today, right here on the Vodi app!

Vodi is available on iOS and Google Play Store now, so download today and don’t forget to tell a friend. And remember, wherever in the world you are, Vodi is conveniently and reliably right there with you, ready to share!

How The Rewards Work

• You already naturally tell all your friends to chat with you, just as you would in any other chat app. But with other chat apps, you won’t receive anything further than just that.
• Vodi rewards you on product purchases that you make and also that your friends make.
• You earn V-Coins on all of your friends that you invite, and even the friends that they invite.
• Vodi sends surprise bonus V-Coins, just because you are awesome!

Status Benefits

• When you rack up V-Coins, you get rewarded! It’s as simple as purchasing Vodi products or services.
• You can earn even more V-Coins for having active friends on Vodi.
• Upgrade from a Silver status (where you can earn an override off your 1st generation) to a Gold status.
• When you are Gold, you get so much more including:
• Double the V-Coins on your purchases
• Also get an override off of your 2nd and 3rd generation of your Vodi network.

How to Be Gold

Simply get 10 active friends within a month, and you’re automatically upgraded to GOLD for that month and the next month! Easily maintain your Gold status by having a minimum of 10 active friends every month. How simple is that?


1,000 V-Coins is equivalent to $1 USD. You can easily redeem your V-Coins to buy and send US and Mexico e-Gift Cards, buy stickers at the Vodi sticker store, recharge you prepaid mobile or recharge a friend or family’s prepaid mobile. V-Coins are just our way of giving back to you and saying thank-you for doing what you do.